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Our prevention programs are informed by survivors. In Nepal and Cambodia, our team works to research and identify areas of the country with a higher-risk of exploitation or trafficking. We provide children in vulnerable communities with the textbooks, supplies and uniforms needed to attend public rural schools. 

With the support of local leadership, our prevention team shares anti-trafficking presentations to educate students, teachers and the wider community about the dangers of human trafficking. 

Trafficking Prevention Programs

At the time of their recruitment, most victims of child trafficking were not attending school.

How does human trafficking happen?

Our short film The Twelve Thousand narrates the true story of Sona, a survivor of human trafficking.

The Twelve Thousand is filmed in the Nepalese language and illustrates the coercion and manipulation traffickers use to trap children in slavery. Our team of dedicated national leaders use The Twelve Thousand film as part of their rural prevention programs.

The Twelve Thousand Film

An Innovative Prevention Tool

We can prevent trafficking and restore survivors.

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