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As a survivor works through past trauma and begins to heal, hope arises. She starts to dream about what she wants to accomplish, and imagine what’s possible for her future: graduating from university, establishing a career, starting a family of her own.

Our local partners encourage young adults to dream, and connect them to the opportunities they need to build independent lives. After graduating from university or job training, staff help individuals transition from the safe home when they feel ready.

Reintegration and Support

We encourage individuals to pursue work they enjoy through job training. We connect students with classes in trades, baking, hair and makeup, jewellery, photography, tailoring and more. We want every student to feel accomplished and excited about their chosen field.

Job Training

After high school, we encourage students with eligible grades to apply for and attend university. The cost of university tuition can be prohibitive to students, so we match students with donors to make post-secondary education possible.

Educational Scholarships

Our transitional housing program supports young adults as they work towards financial independence with subsidized housing. Alongside 2-3 other young adults, individuals receive financial support to lease and furnish an apartment for a 1 year term.

Transitional Housing

Many of our program graduates have established careers they enjoy and started beautiful, loving families. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed, graduates are always welcome at the safe home to enjoy holidays, celebrations or simply for an evening meal.  

We’re inspired by the resilience and bravery of our young adults. 

Master’s Of Education

Hitesh had never attended school before arriving at the safe home. With determination, he started studying, graduating high school and achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. He’s now a married father, a high school teacher and studying toward his Master’s Degree in Education.

Registered Nurse

Renuka is grateful for the support and encouragement of her safe home. Since she arrived at six years old, the home has provided for her physical and emotional needs, and encouraged her future. Now in her early 20s, Renuka has graduated from college and is a Registered Nurse.

Bachelor’s of Business Administration

Mayushi lived with our local partner for 10 years, receiving care and support in the safe home. She recently graduated with a Degree in Business Administration and completed a 2 month internship at a government bank.

A few of our graduate stories:

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