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Victims are rescued from slavery through government intervention or one of our international partners. If a child has been trafficked internationally, they are returned to their home country for restoration and care.

Captors abuse and threaten victims into submission until they accept there’s no way to escape. They are forced to work or service multiple clients per day.



Naive to the dangers that lay ahead, children trust traffickers to follow through on their promises—only to find themselves trapped in forced labour or in a brothel.


Victims of human trafficking are often approached by someone who offers them hope for a better life. The trafficker charms and coerces with false promises of attending school or finding well-paying work to support their family. 

This is where Ally’s work begins.

Every child rescued from human trafficking or abuse are welcomed the same way. They are treated with dignity, loved unconditionally and given a safe place to find healing.

Restorative Aftercare

As young adults begin to heal from past trauma, we encourage their unique dreams. We provide job training and educational scholarships to help individuals work towards futures they love.


A victim is forced into a situation of dependency on their trafficker and forced to provide services to customers. Human trafficking crimes include acquisition, transportation and exploitation.

forced prostitution

Bonded labour often appears to be an employment agreement, but a worker begins with a debt to repay, only to find repayment of the loan is not possible. Their enslavement in brutal working conditions becomes permanent.

Bonded Labour

Live-in domestic help is often used as a cover for the exploitation and control of someone, usually from another country. Involuntary domestic servitude is forced labour but warrants its own category of slavery because of the unique contexts and challenges it presents.

Domestic Servitude

Statistics on forced marriage are hard to confirm, due to the often undocumented and unofficial nature of most forced marriages. An individual who is forcibly married may be trafficked for labour or sex by and for the financial gain of their spouse.

Forced Marriage

The unlawful recruitment of children by armed forces as combatants (or for other forms of labour) is human trafficking. Through force, fraud, or coercion, child soldiers are exploited and often abused by armed groups.

child soldiers

Human trafficking is an organized crime.


Human trafficking is a horrific crime that does not discriminate against age or gender.

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