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The funds you raise will help to protect children from trafficking and exploitation—and provide support to survivors rebuilding their lives!

Change lives forever.


*Name and photo have been changed to protect privacy.

As a girl, Pratiksha* was manipulated and coerced into human trafficking.

She was taken from Nepal and sold to a brothel in India, where she suffered daily abuse. As the years passed, Pratiksha's hope faded. She was trapped in a never-ending nightmare.

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Fortunately, Pratiksha was rescued and welcomed into our safe homes in Nepal.

With a safe place to live, access to education, counselling and long-term care, Pratiksha was able to heal from her past and build a healthy, independent life.

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Today, Pratiksha is studying to become a lawyer to fight against human trafficking.

By starting a fundraiser, you can help girls like Pratiksha write new stories of hope and healing.

Why does your fundraiser matter?

For her birthday, Lauren threw a “party for a purpose” and asked her friends to donate to Ally in lieu of birthday gifts. She raised $3,164 with her community!

Lauren's Fundraiser

Raised $3,164

From cupcakes to chocolate covered oreos to cake pops, Vanessa made over 120 baked goods as part of her “Made with Love” fundraiser to raise $358 for Ally!

Vanessa's Fundraiser

Raised $358

Matthew ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours straight (known as a 4x4x48 endurance race) to fundraise $2,510 for Ally, crushing his $2,000 goal. 

Matthew's Fundraiser

Raised $2,510

​​12-year-old Piper beaded over 50 custom “masklaces” (necklaces to hold your face mask) in her free time and sold them to friends and family. She raised $205 through her fundraising efforts!

Piper's Fundraiser

Raised $205

For her birthday, Shannon asked family, friends and coworkers to join her in supporting survivors of human trafficking by making a small donation, even just their coffee money for the day. In honour of her birthday, her community raised $539.

Shannon's Fundraiser

Raised $539

Vancouver business owners Meray and Aly, teamed up to host a beautiful long-table dinner with incredible food, drink and friends that raised $13,400.

Meray and Aly's Fundraiser

Raised $13,400

Janine started a “last 100 days of the year” fundraiser to end the year strong! For every donation, Janine gifted her supporters a handmade candle or bath bomb, and she raised over $500.

Janine's Fundraiser

Raised $500

Abby wrote on her fundraising page that she wants her life (and birthday) to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking. She invited her friends and family to make a donation in honour of her birthday, and she raised $995!

Abby's Fundraiser

Raised $995

Alicia collected gently used clothing and organized a sale in her community. Her time and efforts raised $2,000 to help prevent trafficking and provide aftercare for survivors.

Alicia's Fundraiser

Raised $2,000

Five-year-old Ellie invited her friends over to watch Mary Poppins and make a donation to Ally. She sold root beer and popcorn at her concession and raised $400!

Ellie's Fundraiser

Raised $400

In honour of her “golden birthday” Sarah walked 25 kilometres on her 25th birthday to raise money for Ally. She smashed her $2,500 goal, raising $4,391 for trafficking prevention.

Sarah's Fundraiser

Raised $4,391

Kate challenged herself to complete 45 workouts in 45 days—and invited her friends, family and fellow gym goers to contribute. She raised $2,361!

Kate's Fundraiser

Raised $2,361

Friends Lindsay and Andy share a birthday week, so they decided to combine their parties and host a fundraiser for Ally in lieu of gifts. They raised $2,386 together!

Lindsay and Andy's Fundraiser

Raised $2,386

Greg was introduced to Ally through a friend, and was so impacted by what he learned that he signed up to start a fundraiser. Greg biked 320km in the Fraser Valley and raised $2,241.

Greg's Fundraiser

Raised $2,241

Nikki ran her first marathon in support of Ally, raising $5,104 for our work. Nikki said, “it was amazing to bring my circle of friends and family into what Ally is accomplishing.”

Nikki's Fundraiser

Raised $5,104

We’re inspired by supporters like you.

Our fundraisers have run marathons, hosted bake sales, organized clothing drives, made jewellery, biked 200km, gathered friends for movie nights and more. There are endless opportunities to fundraise for freedom!

Find an idea you love.

Choose your favourite board or card game (Poker, Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, if you need a few ideas!) and host a by-donation tournament for your friends. Don’t forget the snacks!

Games Nights

Dinner Parties

Movie Nights

Trivia/Karaoke/Bingo Nights

Season Finale Parties

Invite friends to your house for an evening of fabulous food and drinks. Share the mission of Ally, and ask guests to make a donation to attend.

The perfect Summertime fundraiser! Use a projector to play a crowd-favourite movie on the big screen, hang string lights for ambience, and tell guests to bring a cozy blanket. Set a ticket fee and offer concession by-donation, too!

Anything you love to do, you can use to fundraise! Organize a trivia night around a popular TV show, plan a karaoke evening at a local bar or host a bingo tournament at a community centre.

The season finale for one of your favourite TV shows is a great opportunity to gather friends and have fun while raising money! Ask for a minimum donation to attend, and sell drinks and snacks by donation.





Make jewellery, create small canvases, design greeting cards, pour beeswax candles, knit scarves, knot a beautiful macrame and more. Offer your crafty gifts to donors who give over a certain dollar amount.

Arts & Crafts

Bake Sales

Canned Goods

Create Healthier Habits

Sell chocolate zucchini muffins, oatmeal raisin cookies, banana bread or chocolate-chip-cookie-mix-in-a jar to raise donations. Friends can pre-order their baked goods by donating through your fundraising page.

Baking not your thing? That’s okay! How about making a giant batch of your family’s favourite salsa, barbeque sauce, chili spice, dried soup mix, fruit jam, marinade or homemade nut butter? The options are endless.

Offer to sacrifice something you love to do or eat (like Netflix, sugar or alcohol) for one month and collect donations to help you stay on track.





Gather friends to walk a half-marathon, go for a hike, play beach volleyball or participate in a day of yoga/pilates classes. However you love to be active–you can fundraise for freedom!

Set Your Own Pace

Push Yourself

One-Month Challenges

Stretch the limits of your athleticism by running a marathon, biking for 8 hours non-stop, playing 5 rounds of golf back-to-back or competing in an endurance race.

Commit to a daily athletic challenge like walking 15,000 steps, completing 10 pushups or running 5km. Keeping your donors updated throughout the month is a great way to collect donations!





Celebrate another trip around the sun by starting a fundraiser in honour of your birthday.




Skip traditional wedding favours for your guests and make a donation in their honour. Alternatively, invite your loved ones to donate to Ally in lieu of wedding gifts.

Milestone anniversaries are a great opportunity to support a cause that’s near and dear to your hearts.





From dinner parties to trivia nights to bake sales to half-marathons to celebrating a special occasion, there are so many ways to raise money for freedom!

You can make a difference in the lives of survivors.

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