is a fundraising event on July 13 to prevent human trafficking and support the recovery of survivors. To join, choose how you want to move, create a team with friends, family or coworkers and set a fundraising goal. 

Your participation supports the work of Ally Global Foundation, a registered Canadian charity, in the fight against human trafficking.

Make a move towards a world where every child is safe and free.

Move for Freedom

Move for Freedom in 3 Easy Steps


Start a team.

Choose how you want to move—whether it’s hiking, biking, golfing, running, paddleboarding, yoga or even hula-hooping, pick an activity you love and invite some friends to participate with you!

P.S. Not quite sure who your team is yet? No sweat. You can still set up your fundraising page now and invite teammates later.

Need help setting up your page? 


Set a fundraising goal.

Aim high and make your movement count! Leading up to July 13, invite your community to help you fundraise toward safe housing for survivors and life-saving trafficking prevention programs.


Share it with everyone you know.

We’ll give you tips, tricks and photos to help you tell your friends and family about your fundraiser and smash your goal. On July 13, join us to Move for Freedom wherever you live!

Watch this simple explainer video.

Join a community of changemakers by participating in Move for Freedom and helping children find safety and freedom.

Peony and her friends biked 44km in Richmond and raised over $1,000. Peony loved being outside with loved ones and contributing to the cause. Peony said, “It was amazing to spend the day outside with people I love, doing something for a greater purpose. I loved seeing how many people participated around the world and how much money was raised.”

— Peony A.

Rocio walked 10km around False Creek in Vancouver with friends! Rocio says “we all want to make a difference in the world, and this is a great way to put our favourite activity to good use!” She noted that the impact of their efforts went beyond just the funds raised, as they were also able to raise awareness.

— Rocio S.

Abby walked 42.2km (yes, marathon distance!) around the Stanley Park seawall with a group of friends. Besides raising $20,590, Abby said the best part of Move for Freedom was “the experience with my team, the feeling of community through social media and feeling part of something much bigger.”

— Abby P.

Joel’s endurance challenge took his team nearly 17 hours to complete. With five friends, Joel biked 40km to the Golden Ears trailhead, hiked the mountain and biked the 40km home—well after dark—raising $11,745.

— Joel F.

14-year-old London and her friends raised over $3,000 by competing in different challenges at their local park. London said it was “a really fun experience that made a big impact!”

— London D.

Michelle joined a group of moms and kids for a local hike, raising $2,019 for the cause. She says, “Move for Freedom was a great way to model compassion and advocacy for my children.” To raise donations, Michelle and her kids made “a donation tree” to help their friends and family visualize their fundraising goal.

— Michelle H.

Brian and his team of 20 (mostly) retirees played pickleball for 4 hours and had a blast! Afterward, they had a social luncheon where they talked about the cause and how their fundraising efforts were making a difference. With their efforts, Brian’s team raised an impressive amount for the cause!

— Brian T.

Rachel participated from Prince Edward Island because she was moved by the work and vision of Ally. Her team completed a relay: walking 21km, running 21km, and biking 42km. Despite the tiring day, in the end they danced their way to the finish line and raised nearly $2,500. Rachel loved participating in the event with her friends and family and seeing others donate and engage in conversations about the important work done through Ally.

— Rachel B.

Move for Freedom allowed Marc to combine his passion for cycling with an opportunity to help others. His biking team consisted of varied experience levels, but every participant crossed the 100km finish line in good spirits–raising a total of $26,963 for the cause.

— Marc V.

Nikki raised $8,057 with her team by running 4km every 4 hours for 24 hours around downtown Vancouver. She loved the flexibility of Move for Freedom, and the opportunity to “make the event as challenging and as fun as you want.”

— Nikki R.

David's team raised over $8,300 by cycling 100km. The most inspiring moment was when some team members went back to help the rest finish. David said the best part was the community support. His advice to those considering joining is: “Just do it. You won’t regret it because you'll feel that you’re a part of something greater than yourself.”

— David B.

Alongside a team of 15 men, Ken biked 163km in one day and raised $88,284. Ken looks back on Move for Freedom fondly, “It was worth every kilometre to know that we were making a difference in kids' lives.” His fundraising advice? “Just ask and then ask some more.”

— Ken M.

Mark ran 32km and led a team of 15 who ran a collective 250km, raising $13,161 for Ally's mission. He joined Move for Freedom to make a difference in children’s lives. Mark shared his passion for Ally and encouraged others to donate, saying "People are looking for reasons to donate; they just need to see authenticity and passion."

— Mark W.

Quinn ran a half-marathon in Pitt Meadows because she “wanted to play a part in not only raising awareness but also seeing human trafficking end.” Quinn’s favourite memory was having her husband ride his bike alongside her during her run–even though it poured rain the whole time! If you’re thinking about joining Move for Freedom, Quinn says “You won't regret it. It takes time and preparation, but is 100% worth it for the impact you are making.”

— Quinn M.

Graham biked 82km with two friends on the “Dad Bod” team and raised $24,911. His favourite part of Move for Freedom was “working towards a goal and seeing money raised for the most amazing kids.”

— Graham G.

Ally currently cares for over 200 children rescued from trafficking and abuse in Nepal and Cambodia, while also providing anti-trafficking education in high-risk areas. Within Canada, Ally works to prevent the sexual exploitation of minors through engaging and accessible educational resources.

Move for Freedom is a fundraising event in support of                                              a registered Canadian charity that works to prevent human trafficking and help survivors build healthy, independent lives. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Move for Freedom is a fundraising event organized by Ally Global Foundation where participants move or exercise in some way to raise funds and awareness for Ally's work to combat human trafficking and exploitation.

Move for Freedom is a participate-where-you-are fundraising event. Participants organize their own events and can join in from anywhere in the world on July 13, 2024. Make sure to share your Move for Freedom fundraiser on social media and follow @allyglobal to see how others are participating!

To participate in Move for Freedom, create your fundraising page by clicking here. You can choose the type of movement or exercise you want to do and set a fundraising goal. Leading up to the event day, share your fundraising page with everyone you know to raise awareness and donations for the cause. On July 13, 2024 participate where you live to Move for Freedom!

No, it's completely free to join Move for Freedom! Additionally, every participant will receive an event t-shirt as a thank you for participating.

Participants raise funds by asking their friends, family, and community to donate to their fundraising page.

To fundraise for Move for Freedom, create a fundraising page and share it with your network through social media, email, or in-person conversations. We’ve also created a helpful fundraising toolkit to help you smash your goal. Access the fundraising kit by clicking here.

Funds raised through Move for Freedom are used to support Ally’s work to prevent human trafficking and exploitation, and help survivors build healthy, independent futures. Learn more about our work by clicking here.

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