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An estimated 12,000 children are trafficked out of Nepal every year.

Based on the true story of one survivor, The Twelve Thousand is a powerful tool for raising awareness about human trafficking. The film features no professional actors, only Nepalese nationals—all of whom have been affected by sex trafficking.

“If sharing my story will help other kids find healing like I did, I want to tell it.”

— Sona

About the Film

Shot on location in Kathmandu, The Twelve Thousand follows Sona through the sobering real-life stages of her trafficking experience. She is lured away from her rural village by the promise of better opportunity in the city, but is ultimately deceived and sold into sex trafficking in an Indian brothel. After being trapped there for three years, Sona was rescued, repatriated back to Nepal and brought to a safe home where she began her healing process. 

A decade later, she decided it was time to take a stand: “If sharing my story will help other kids find healing like I did, I want to tell it.” In this moving retelling of her story, not only are we forced to accept the reality of modern-day slavery from an insider’s perspective, but we also get a glimpse of the hope that lies on the other side of freedom and healing.

Take Action

Host a Screening

Gather a group and use the film and discussion guide to facilitate conversations about human trafficking within your community.

Watch the Film

Grow your awareness of human trafficking by watching The Twelve Thousand. The film can be streamed for free at any time by clicking the link below.


Give to prevent human trafficking and help survivors find healing through safe housing, education and aftercare.

Human trafficking is an overwhelming issue, but we can make a big difference together when we all take small action steps.

Help Spread the Word:

You can play an important role in preventing human trafficking by sharing The Twelve Thousand with your community. Host a screening for your friends, family, coworkers or classroom and use our discussion guide to facilitate meaningful conversations. 

Whether it's a small group in your living room or a large event on your university campus, hosting a screening and discussion is a powerful way to raise awareness within your circle of influence.

Host a Screening and Discussion

Discussion Guide

Everything you need to lead a discussion around the film:

Facilitator Guide
Discussion Questions
Activity Ideas
Action Step Ideas
Appendix for Further Learning (Coming Soon)

Promotional Assets

Tools to help you share about the film and your event:

Social Media Graphics
Film Poster
Film Trailer
Presentation Slide

Questions about leading a screening and discussion? Email


The film is rated 14A for implied sexual violence, disturbing content and substance abuse. While there is nothing graphic shown on camera, the film does deal with a heavy topic and may be triggering to some viewers. We’ve done our best to tell Sona's story in a way that is dignifying and respectful, and to make it accessible to all ages. We recommend that parents and educators watch the film first to determine whether the content is suitable for their children.

Why is the film rated 14A?

The film is just under 30 minutes long. When hosting a screening and discussion, we recommend you plan to make your session or event 1.5 to 2 hours long.

How long is the film?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. With the rapid rise of technology use at younger and younger ages, youth are especially at risk of being trafficked. Educators can offer a safety net for youth who may not know how to seek help by having conversations, building awareness and providing information about the issue. Our discussion guide features lots of content that you can adapt to suit your classroom's needs. 

Can I use the film in my classroom?

Together, we can prevent human trafficking and help survivors find healing.

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