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The Refuge is a dedicated community of monthly givers across Canada—and beyond—who believe that no child should suffer exploitation or abuse.

Individuals just like you, bold in generosity and unshakeable in their desire to make a difference.

Helping survivors find healing and opportunity.

The Refuge is more than just a monthly donation. We want you to feel inspired, encouraged and motivated by the impact you’re making every month through The Refuge community.

Give on purpose.

Many of us subscribe monthly to services we enjoy—why not be intentional with your generosity in the same way?

Change a life.

Your committed support can help a survivor find healing and build a strong, independent future.

See your impact.

As a member of The Refuge, you’ll receive monthly updates showing the impact of your generosity around the world.

Meet some of the             Refuge members who are helping to prevent human trafficking and provide aftercare for survivors every month.

“We can’t do everything but we can do something. Ally gives us the opportunity to give to a trusted organization making a ground-level impact in a cause that breaks our hearts.”

— Michael C.

Member Since 2019

“The Refuge is an opportunity to transform a survivor's life in a significant way. Your donation makes a difference. You are giving someone hope, healing, and a future.”

— Victoria S.

Member Since 2020

“I can't think of a better place to invest your money. The Refuge is a chance to extend compassion, love and care through a well-organized, authentic organization that's getting results through prevention, restoration and education.”

— Jewel Y.

Member Since 2019

“There is so much more to be done, so many more lives that can be touched and we need more help making that happen. So jump in and get in the mix and see how your money can help people in great need.”

— Landry M.

Member Since 2020

“The world is full of awful things. We can sit here and be angry and heartbroken or we can do something about it. If you feel called to help, but don’t know how or where to start, this is such a great way”

— Jermaine F.

Member Since 2020

“Every survivor has a name, deserves healing, and is worthy of love and kindness. How many streaming services do we need? Cancel a couple and start donating!”

— Lorenzo S.

Member Since 2021

“I have 4 daughters and their freedom and privilege is not something I take for granted. Every child deserves freedom and love. By giving, I’m acknowledging that I am not powerless to affect change.”

— Leslee G.

Member Since 2020

“The Refuge isn’t just a subscription, it’s a community of passionate people dedicated to see the end of this horrific industry. Ally does a phenomenal job in maintaining a level of closeness at all levels, allowing you to be confident that your money is going exactly where you want it to.”

— Jassie V.

Member Since 2020

“We have the ability to help people find freedom. It's worth it. The Refuge is one of the best ways to take your resources and impact someone's life.”

— Tim G.

Member Since 2019

“There’s strength in numbers. As cheesy as that sounds, it's real! As a part of The Refuge, we have the joy of walking alongside survivors. I recommend it to anyone!”

— Amy S.

Member Since 2020

“We're passionate about prevention of human trafficking and aftercare because safety is a value of ours. We want that for ourselves, for our family and friends, so it made sense to us to extend that value to kids who don't have it.”

— Kyleigh J.

Member Since 2020

“Giving makes me feel good and introduces my children to the importance of generosity. I’m excited to support Ally’s work because of how they help survivors experience healing and transformation!”

— Ben T.

Member Since 2019

“I want to be a part of the solution. I know that my subscription is going to an organization making a difference in the world—and it feels good to know my small part is making a difference.” 

— Simone H.

Member Since 2020

“We would encourage those who care about victims of human trafficking to consider giving monthly to The Refuge. This is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour but is designed to help individuals heal and grow in community and at their own pace.”

— Dwight & Denise F.

Members Since 2020

“We give because we believe every life is precious. We won't get to meet many of the survivors, social workers, teachers, etc. that are a part of the work of Ally—but knowing our monthly gift is helping them doesn’t compare to the next Amazon item or coffee purchase.”

— Kristen M.

Member Since 2019

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