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Without access to long-term aftercare, survivors are at risk of being re-trafficked or abused.

No matter how many children are rescued out of trafficking, the trauma of sexual exploitation and abuse is not something a survivor can just leave at the door.

We’re committed to creating safe spaces for survivors to heal.

Safe Homes

Our safe homes provide a supportive environment for women and children to heal from trauma, discover their self-worth and find the confidence to pursue their dreams.


Our trafficking prevention programs provide access to education for vulnerable communities, helping to decrease the risk of child trafficking in the areas where we work.


We help young adults create independent lives through job training, educational scholarships and transitional housing support.

Our Work

“ I didn’t think I could be accepted or loved, but this home has made me realize, ‘I’m worthy.’ ”

— Prapti* (Survivor)

Together we can prevent human trafficking and help survivors find healing.

5 Ways to Recognize Human Trafficking in Your Community 

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Though trafficking can look different in different countries, one thing remains the same: traffickers always prey on vulnerability.

The more children, youth and parents understand how trafficking takes place, the better chance we have of stopping trafficking before it even happens.

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