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Strategic and Critical Thinker

Can you gather information, understand the problem and execute a solution?


Do you take ownership and initiative and go above and beyond?

Intelligent Communicator

Are you able to listen carefully and communicate complex ideas simply?

The Ally team is looking for people with these key characteristics:

Around the world, women and children are being exploited and abused by human traffickers. When victims are rescued, they need a safe place to heal. Without these safe spaces, children struggle to heal from trauma, and they are vulnerable to re-exploitation and abuse. 

At Ally, we work to prevent human trafficking and help survivors find healing through safe housing, education and aftercare. When survivors are supported through long-term aftercare, they can build healthy, independent futures.

Ally exists because every child deserves safety and freedom.

When you join the Ally team, you're making a difference.


Expressing Gratitude

We appreciate our donors, volunteers and partners because we couldn't do this work without them.


We strive to be the best at what we do by actively seeking opportunities to improve—both the organization and ourselves.

building connections

We always look for ways to create new relationships and introduce others to the work of Ally.

Priorities for every member of the Ally team:

We currently do not have any positions at Ally Global Foundation.

Current Job Openings

Every child rescued from human trafficking deserves a safe place to heal.

If you’re a critical thinker, an intelligent communicator and driven—and want to join our mission—apply today.


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