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It’s going to take all of us to move the needle on one of the world's most pressing issues—human trafficking and child exploitation.

Why partner with Ally?

The excitement will be contagious.

We’ll make it easy for you to share all this good you’re doing with your team and community!

Bring your team closer together.

Providing safety and freedom for children is a cause we can all rally behind and feel proud to support.

See the impact.

You’ll receive regular updates on the real-life results of your generosity.

Collectively, we can prevent human trafficking and support survivors on their journey to recovery. 

You'll feel fully connected to the work we're doing together through custom reporting, travel opportunities and co-branded campaigns.

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Receive dedicated support from our team, marketing assets and opportunities for co-branded products.

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Find your fit.

Not sure which is right for you, or have another idea in mind? Get in touch with us and we’ll work together to craft a partnership your whole team will be excited about.

Principal Partner

Fund a specific need—like the purchase of a new prevention outreach vehicle, or the costs of running an elementary school class for a whole year.

Project Sponsor

Vision Partner

Partnership can also look like…

Donate a percentage of each sale or commit a monthly percentage of your revenue.

% of Sales

Provide your customers with an option to make a donation as they check out.

Point of Sale

Help make Ally events a success by providing in-kind donations for auctions and give-aways.

Gift In-kind

Multiply your team’s charitable giving by matching their donations through Benevity.

Employee Engagement

Support key Ally events to help us increase community engagement and ultimately raise more funds.

Event Sponsorship

Gather your community for a fundraiser or awareness event.

Host an Event

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You'll be in good company.

“We love knowing that we’re doing more than just building a home for our clients, but also taking some of the proceeds of the project to make an impact internationally and provide safe housing for kids that otherwise won’t have that privilege.”

— Shirmar

Prevent trafficking. Support survivors. Unite your community. 

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Minimum of $10,000 per year
Use of Ally supporter logo
Your company name on our website
Reporting on your sponsored project
Examples of projects available for funding: prevention outreach vehicle; clothing for all children in care for the year; prevention presentations; elementary or high school classroom operation for a year

Project Sponsor

Minimum of $50,000 per year
Dedicated support from our team
Use of Ally’s logo
Your logo on our website
Standard reporting on projects
Social media assets
Co-branded partnership commitment 

Principal Partner

Minimum of $100,000 per year
Use of Ally’s logo
Dedicated support from our team
Co-branding opportunities
Use of Ally’s logo
Your logo on our website
Custom reporting on projects
Potential opportunity to visit Ally projects
Ally staff member speaking engagement
Co-created video and/or print asset(s)

Vision Partner