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We help women and children find healing and restoration through our safe homes, where compassionate leaders care for their emotional and physical needs. Individuals are welcomed into our safe homes with hugs and gifts, creating a safe environment where they will be cherished and loved.

Homes are staffed by kind and understanding leaders, many of whom share similar backgrounds to the children in the home. Safe homes function like a family, creating relational trust, safety and responsibility between the children of varied ages in the home.

Over time, children feel safe to express their pain, work towards healing from trauma and create strong friendship bonds in the home.

When a child is rescued from human trafficking,

they need a safe space to heal.

Trauma-Informed Care

Every individual in our home receives trauma-informed medical testing and ongoing medical care. Appropriate assessments are done by professionals on an ongoing basis and our staff monitors the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health of every child. 

Long-Term Support

Effective aftercare for survivors requires years of love and support, and our local partners are committed to long-term care. Many children arrive in our homes around 15 years old and stay for 8-10 years until they graduate from job training or university.

Specialized Education

Staff in our private schools are trained in trauma care, ensuring a safe and dignifying learning environment for our students. We have specialized classes for youth starting school for the first time at an older age, a common circumstance for survivors of trafficking.

Our safe homes help children discover their value.

Learn more about how our reintegration programs support individuals as they grow into independence.

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When a survivor feels safe and loved, they can begin to dream for their future.

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