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This Giving Tuesday, your gift can be the difference between vulnerability and safety for at-risk children in Nepal. Together, we’re raising $20,000 to protect 80 children from exploitation.

Giving Tuesday is “the world’s largest generosity movement.” Taking place on the Tuesday following American Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday was “created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good.” According to, “The idea caught on, and has grown around the world, inspiring hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.”

Your donations this Giving Tuesday can help fund community anti-trafficking presentations and the sponsorship of school fees, textbooks, uniforms and shoes for 80 children who are at a high-risk of being trafficked.

Prevention begins with education

Our local partner in Nepal has identified two major risk factors for human trafficking: lack of accessible education and lack of awareness about how human trafficking happens.

When children aren’t attending school, their risk of being trafficked increases exponentially. Traffickers prey on vulnerable populations, making promises of an exciting future in the city: a chance to go to school, good food, tall buildings and job opportunities. Sadly, many children and their families trust these promises.

In Nepal, our nationally-led prevention team works to identify areas of the country with a high-risk of trafficking and build relationships with key community leaders. It’s common for public schools to require a small tuition fee—in addition to the cost of a uniform, shoes and school supplies. To help families overcome this financial barrier, our team provides the highest-risk children with scholarships to attend school.

To protect the wider community, our leaders—who know the local language and culture—host awareness presentations to educate students about the warning signs of human trafficking. There are often 500-600 students in attendance, as well as family members, teachers and other community leaders.

Our local partner team checks in on scholarship students in each community regularly, ensuring that children remain in school and that the surrounding community is protected from trafficking activity.

This Giving Tuesday, you can help protect children in Nepal from trafficking and exploitation.

Your gift can be the difference between vulnerability and safety for children at-risk.

Help survivors of human trafficking heal from trauma and build healthy, independent futures.

You can restore dignity and hope today.

5 Ways to Recognize Human Trafficking in Your Community 

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Though trafficking can look different in different countries, one thing remains the same: traffickers always prey on vulnerability.

The more children, youth and parents understand how trafficking takes place, the better chance we have of stopping trafficking before it even happens.

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