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Your influence is powerful.

We know you—you’re a go-getter. You’ve worked hard to grow your online following, and you try your best to use your well-earned influence for good.

Whether your chosen social media niche is home design, car detailing, lifestyle fashion, parenting or dog memes, we’d love to have you become an                                      

Ambassador for Ally.

Once or twice a year, ambassadors participate in a structured social media campaign. Throughout the year, they look for opportunities to enthusiastically share and engage with Ally’s content online.

Ambassadors for Ally use their time and creativity to raise awareness about human trafficking and fundraise for prevention and aftercare programs.

How the Program Works

Ready to make a difference with your social media platforms? Fill out our Ambassador application form to get started.



Look for opportunities to communicate Ally’s mission with your audience, and enthusiastically participate in at least one social media campaign per year.

Change the World

Together, we can prevent human trafficking and help survivors find healing.

Participating in one of two online fundraising and awareness campaigns per year (Spring or Fall)?

Is becoming an Ambassador right for you?

Looking for opportunities to communicate Ally’s mission with your followers?

Are you ready to commit to:

Actively sharing and promoting Ally’s content throughout the year?

Continuing to be an awesome human making the world a better place?

A sense of community and shared purpose with other Ambassadors?

Would you like to enjoy:

An ethically-made welcome gift?

The feeling of knowing you’re making a difference?

Bold, generous and unshakeable: these are characteristics of our Ambassadors and members of The Refuge community. When you become an Ambassador, you’ll receive an exclusive (ethically-made) gold plated necklace that features these key words engraved on each side. 

Wear your impact with pride.

Ready to apply?

Our Ambassador program is a great opportunity to align your brand with a purpose-driven cause, and further Ally’s work through your social media platforms. Ambassadors play a vital role in raising awareness and donations during Ally’s key social media campaigns throughout the year.

Why should I become an Ambassador for Ally?


After you’ve completed our application form and have been onboarded, you’ll be invited to participate, share and promote a variety of online campaigns focused on awareness and fundraising. For every campaign, we’ll provide you with suggested content to post and words to use that will make sharing easy!

How does the program work?

We value your time and the brand you’re building, and we understand that Ally will be a small part of your social media content. To help us plan our campaigns effectively, we respectfully request that Ambassadors commit to participating in at least one campaign a year.

What are your expectations/how long do I need to commit?

Of course! Individuals or businesses with a following of more than 5,000 on any social media platform are welcome to apply.

I don’t have a huge following. Can I still apply?

Let’s prevent human trafficking and help survivors find healing, together.

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