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With an estimated 50 million people living in modern slavery today, human trafficking can feel like an overwhelming issue. But we can make a big difference together when we each take small action steps.
Here are a few everyday actions you can take to help prevent human trafficking and support those at risk:

Know the Signs

Family and friends play a crucial role in preventing trafficking and supporting victims/survivors. Become familiar with the signs of trafficking and stay alert to potential trafficking scenarios.

To report human trafficking:

  • Canada / Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline / 1-833-900-1010
  • United States / National Human Trafficking Hotline / 1-888-373-7888
  • If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1. 
  • Never attempt to confront a suspected trafficker or alert a victim to your suspicions, as it could potentially put the victim in greater danger.

Organize a Fundraiser

Supporting the efforts of an organization fighting human trafficking is one of the biggest ways to make a difference. From dinner parties to trivia nights to bake sales to half-marathons to celebrating a special occasion, there are countless ways to fundraise for a cause you care about.

At Ally Global Foundation, we make fundraising easy! Our website makes it simple to start your fundraiser, share it with friends and family, and track your progress towards your fundraising goal—all within 3 minutes or less. Your time and creativity can go a long way towards helping prevent human trafficking and provide aftercare for survivors.

Become a Mentor

Traffickers often target people who are emotionally vulnerable, going through a tough time or don’t have a strong support system around them. As a mentor, you can have a positive impact on someone’s life during their formative years. Consider volunteering with a community-based mentorship program like Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Your donation can provide safe housing and long-term aftercare for children rescued from human trafficking.

Would you consider making a $40 gift to support aftercare for survivors today?

Watch The Twelve Thousand

Based on the true story of one survivor, The Twelve Thousand is a powerful short film for raising awareness about human trafficking. The film features no professional actors, only Nepalese nationals—all of whom have been affected by sex trafficking. The Twelve Thousand can be streamed online for free at any time. 

Bonus Idea: gather your friends and family to watch the film together and use the small group discussion guide to facilitate meaningful conversations.

Attend an Online Training Course

There are many free courses available online for those interested in learning more about human trafficking. Here’s a few we’d recommend:

Help survivors of human trafficking heal from trauma and build healthy, independent futures.

You can restore dignity and hope today.

5 Ways to Recognize Human Trafficking in Your Community 

Download the free guide to learn how you can help:

Though trafficking can look different in different countries, one thing remains the same: traffickers always prey on vulnerability.

The more children, youth and parents understand how trafficking takes place, the better chance we have of stopping trafficking before it even happens.

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