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Ally Global Foundation is proud to be recognized as the third fastest-growing charity in Canada (2022) by The Veritas Foundation and featured in the January 2023 issue of Maclean’s magazine.

The Veritas 500 Report on Canada’s Fastest-Growing Charities provides insight into which areas of Canada’s Charitable and Philanthropic Sector are garnering increasing attention with both donors and the community.

In 2022, Ally Global Foundation ranked as the third fastest-growing charity in Canada and the second fastest-growing charity in British Columbia.

To view the top 50 fastest-growing charities from the report, visit or pick up the January 2023 issue of Maclean’s magazine. To see all 500 charities, visit the Veritas Foundation website to purchase the complete report.

About Ally Global Foundation

Around the world, women and children are being exploited and abused by human traffickers. When victims are rescued, they need a safe place to heal. Without these safe spaces, survivors struggle to heal from trauma, and they are vulnerable to re-exploitation and abuse.

Ally Global Foundation is a Canadian charity that prevents human trafficking and helps survivors find healing through safe housing, education and aftercare. We work through trusted local partners in Nepal and Cambodia who currently provide care to more than 200 children and youth, and reach thousands each year with prevention presentations.

Without your generosity and support, Ally Global Foundation wouldn’t exist. 

We’re grateful for the 3,945 supporters who gave towards trafficking prevention and aftercare programs in 2021 and the hundreds more who shared our mission and worked to raise awareness.

If you’d like to learn more about Ally Global Foundation, please read our 2021 Annual Report.

About The Veritas Foundation

Veritas Charity Services Inc. provides independent, fair and respectful research into Canadian registered charities to help donors, charities and others in evaluating and choosing their favoured charities. They conduct in-depth reviews of Canadian registered charities and regularly publish these in reports for subscribers and the public.

Help survivors of human trafficking heal from trauma and build healthy, independent futures.

You can restore dignity and hope today.

5 Ways to Recognize Human Trafficking in Your Community 

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Though trafficking can look different in different countries, one thing remains the same: traffickers always prey on vulnerability.

The more children, youth and parents understand how trafficking takes place, the better chance we have of stopping trafficking before it even happens.

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