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When Sona was 6 years old, her mother passed away, leaving her and her brother with a physically abusive and alcoholic father. Forced to start working at a young age, she struggled to make enough money to eat and support her family.

Being left to take care of herself, Sona never had the chance to attend school, and she dreamed of going to a big city one day to learn and earn better money.

One day, Sona was walking home when two older boys approached her. One of them, Amir, claimed they were childhood friends and convinced her to come to his mother’s house for a meal. Sona, feeling hungry, agreed to join them.

During the meal, Amir’s mother asked Sona about her family and expressed missing them. This made Sona feel a sense of home that she hadn’t felt since her mother passed away seven years ago. After eating, Amir’s mother invited Sona to go on an adventure to Kolkata. Though hesitant, Sona found the idea thrilling as she had never left her village before and was curious about the tall buildings in the city. After a brief thought, Sona decided to go with them.

There’s an open border between Nepal and India, making travel between the two countries easy. That evening, the group drove across the border into India. As darkness fell, Amir’s mother suggested they spend the night at her sister’s house and resume their journey the next day. However, upon arrival, Amir’s mother unexpectedly informed Sona that she would stay there alone.

She promised that her sister would help Sona find a good job in Kolkata and take care of her. Sona was worried and said, “My father will be waiting for me at home.” But the woman assured her that her father would be proud of her for seeking work opportunities and she would let him know that Sona was safe. Sona didn’t know what to say; everything was happening so fast. But she trusted the woman because she seemed to know her family.

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Eventually, Sona arrived in Kolkata and met her new boss. He complimented her looks and told her she would do well if she followed his instructions. Sona, only 13 years old, didn’t know where she was or what kind of work she would be doing. Soon enough, she discovered that it was a brothel.

When her first “customer” arrived, Sona was terrified and refused to comply. The brothel boss forcefully took Sona outside and threatened her life. She didn’t have a choice.

“They said, ‘If you don’t do this work we will kill you, we will put you in the ground and you will never go back to Nepal. Every day there were new customers, sometimes 30, 40, 50 people. I was feeling like I don’t have a life, why is my life like this? After time, I forgot all my dreams, I thought this was my life.'”

Sona would be trapped there for 3 years. But thankfully, rescue and healing were coming for Sona.

Three years later, Sona was rescued and brought to one of Ally Global Foundation’s safe homes, where she began her healing process:

“When we got to the home, there were so many people. They sang a song welcoming me. I saw a big family and felt the love of everyone. When people brought me books and a bag for school, I was so emotional. I always had dreams to study.” 

Today—thanks to the generosity of donors like you—Sona is studying to become a social worker to help girls who have experienced similar trauma.

Together, we can protect children like Sona from human trafficking and provide safe spaces for survivors to heal. Your gift of $20 can provide access to education and prevention programs to prevent exploitation. Will you give to create life-changing impact today?

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