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When Sona was 6 years old, her mother passed away, leaving her and her brother with a physically abusive and alcoholic father. Forced to start working at a young age, she struggled to make enough [...]

Sona was trafficked at 13 years old. This is her true story.

Through the efforts of various agencies (including the FBI and the Cambodian government), a 10-year-old boy was identified as the victim of ongoing online sexual exploitation. Heartbreakingly, the boy’s father was the perpetrator of the [...]

10-year-old Boy Rescued in Cambodia

As a teenager, Mallika* was trafficked from Nepal to India by one of her relatives and sold to a brothel. Her parents were devastated. They searched tirelessly for her (alongside a child protection group) before [...]

Mallika’s Story

Many years ago, a teenager named Ankita* arrived at our safe homes in Nepal with a young boy on her hip. At a glance, you might have assumed the boy was Ankita’s younger sibling, as [...]

Ankita’s Story

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